St. John's: July, 2004

“The ideal of meeting and exchanging in an "unpressured, non-hierarchical" situation has made presenter-artists exchanges enlightening and agreeable for me….Our communities…have personality, particularity, soul, and curiosity…. So far, the two PCC meetings have allowed me to do more concrete work than any other major festival or business showcase…”

Richard Simas – Theatre La Chapelle – Montreal

“The Performance Creation Canada session … was an extremely important, helpful and effective opportunity for independent artists and small companies to meet and network with similar creators, producers and presenters from across the country. The general theme of the PCC was that similar minded artists benefit more with the overall understanding of each other’s work and creative processes….

 Sarah Stoker – AD,  Neighbourhood Dance Works, St. John’s

The second meeting of Performance Creation Canada was held in St. John’s in July of 2004, hosted by Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland during the St. John’s International Sound Symposium. In response to needs of the local community panels and sessions were created around the theme of Regionalism, Connectivity and Access and the sessions were extremely well received by the local community. This was due, in no small way, to the professionalism and relevance of the weekend’s more formal panels. But the informal quality of the weekend, and the ease with which information and vision was openly shared, added greatly to the overall pleasure and value of the event. In particular the opportunity for this small but extremely creative community to meet with like minded and equally creative artists from across the country was probably the most satisfying outcome of this session. Rarely does this community get the opportunity to meet with their colleagues from across this country in this type of informal environment; to share our culture, ideas, passions, and the more than occasional fish and chips.

Transcript of PCC St. John’s meeting: Download PDF