Regina: November, 2005

Performance Perimeters Symposium is a festival organized in conjunction with a Performance Creation Canada conference to engage a conversation between artists, presenters and audiences on the convergence of forms and ideas that have come to characterize the forum of performance art. Performance Perimeters Symposium presents a diverse program of performance art, experimental dance and theatre traversing a broad range of local and global perspectives and boundaries.

The symposium includes delegates from across Canada and panel presentations on the subjects of arts and markets, intangible heritage, representation & self representation, cultural agency, audiences, economies, criticism and curation. This unique Regina event is being organized by four arts organizations who have joined in presenting live perspectives and practices from a wide range of contemporary artists and thinkers.

Organized by New Dance Horizons, Neutral Ground, Curtain Razors and Sakewewak Artists Collective, PPS is a meeting ground for artists and public to engage with performance work and join in the conversation with other artists, presenters, theorists and writers. Artists including Istvan Kantor, Edward Poitras, MJ Thompson, Jillian Mcdonald, David Yonge, Debra Dunn, Lori Blondeau, PHONO, Sarah Abbott, Davida Monk, Helen Walkley and others will perform in more than eight Regina locations.

Panelists David Garneau, Kathleen Irwin, Rachelle Viader Knowles, Daniel Anderson, Adrienne Wong, Maiko Bae Yamamoto, Naomi Campbell, Glenn Alteen and others will introduce new approaches to the economies of performance art and interdisciplinary work.

"Enjoy the restorative powers of symposia." A time and place to take in a moment, a breath, a critical "pause" as Brian Patterson suggests, "We might be doing by engaging & being engaged in the performative."

Event Details:

Performance program and events start Wednesday November 2 and continue through Sunday November 6, 2005. Performance Creation Canada meetings and events take place over the weekend with registration available on line and starting Friday, November 4 at 4:00 pm. The public are invited to attend all events.

Conference registration is at 4:00 pm on Friday November 4 at Regina's Royal Canadian Legion, 1820 Cornwall Street, Regina, SK.

The organizers acknowledge funding support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Department of Canadian Heritage, Arts Presentation Canada and the City of Regina.

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