Calgary: January 4 - 7, 2007

Performance Creation Canada returns to Calgary!

PCC Calgary

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Performance Creation Canada is a nationwide network dedicated to the celebration, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and to the ecology in which it flourishes.

In January 2007, Performance Creation Canada (PCC) returns to Calgary, Alberta. The four-day networking session will be held to coincide with One Yellow Rabbit's 21st annual High Performance Rodeo, Calgary's International Festival of the Arts, and runs concurrent to the Live Arts Now course (FINA 503.06) offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary.
The theme for the Calgary PCC session is: Creating Community Through Performance. A primary focus for PCC Calgary will be post secondary education, particularly the contributions and responsibilities of the academy within the performance community.

The conference is open to anybody, and activities during PCC Calgary will include a series of formal panel discussion pertaining directly to the theme of the session, discussions on the themes of PCC in general; as well as numerous informal opportunities to network, share ideas and socialize; and to observe a broad array of performances that will be presented at, and concurrent to, High Performance Rodeo.

Inaugurated in Calgary, January 2004 PCC has since convened in St. Johns, Vancouver, Regina, Toronto and Whitehorse. Upcoming meetings are scheduled for Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and Kelowna.

Neither a marketplace, trade fair nor traditional conference, PCC is an informal, multidisciplinary initiative committed to identifying and advancing the interests of work that is performed by the artist(s) who create it.
Modeled loosely on the Informal European Theatre Meeting, PCC is an inclusive network that invites the participation of artists, administrators, educators, presenters, producers, agents, archivists, critics and individuals from within funding and policy-making institutions. PCC is concerned with new art in the fields of theatre, dance, performance art, music and interdisciplinary practice. Any individual committed to the well being of the Canadian performance creation milieu is invited to collaborate with the PCC network.

PCC Calgary Steering Committee:

Co-Produced by Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary Arts Development/Calgary Economic Development, Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society, One Yellow Rabbit, Springboard Dance and University of Calgary Faculty of Fine Arts.