Workshop West Theatre

Performance Creation Canada's next meeting will be hosted by Workshop West Theatre from January 20-23, 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Environment and Art:

How social, cultural, political and geographical space affects and informs creation.

Please visit the Workshop West Theatre web site for details.

PCC’s last meeting was in in Armstrong, BC: September 2– 5, 2010

Performance Creation Canada is a nationwide network dedicated to the nourishment, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and the ecology in which it flourishes.

As such, Performance Creation Canada (PCC) will endeavour to identify and advance the multifaceted interests of a multidisciplinary definition of work that is performed by the artist(s) who created it. Modeled loosely on the successful Informal European Theatre Meeting, PCC invites the participation of artists, administrators, educators, funding institutions, presenters, agents, archivists and critics from the fields of theatre, dance, performance art, music and interdisciplinary work who are interested in the well being of the Canadian performance creation milieu.

Read biographies of the current PCC Steering Committee

Networking Mandate
Excerpted from the document Manifesto of the European Cultural Networks, Brussels 1997:

A network is:

  • a group of individuals who all take responsibility for shared goals.
  • a dynamic system for communication, co-operation and partnership.

A network is NOT:

  • a bureaucracy
  • a hierarchy
  • a lobby
  • a private initiative
  • a temporary project
  • an association, a federation nor a union
  • a closed club

"A network is a facilitating structure, an organism. It is a way of organizing rather than an organization. It is the flexibility, the approach, the process, the mentality of a network which creates its special added value. A network is a synergy, it is the multiplying effect itself. A network is a part of the civil society which takes place in the public space."

"Networking is an organic development which evolves from the need of individuals to make contact, to exchange and to work together. The energy, information and power of a network flows horizontally and from the bottom up."

Performance Creation Canada has come about through the vision and hard work of a great many individuals across Canada. The initial vision and concept was provided by Associate Professor Gerry Thurston.

The inaugural meeting of PCC was held in Calgary, January 9 & 10, 2004. This event coincided with One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo, and was attended by over 60 individuals from across Canada.

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